Micro credit from 100 $ to 600 USD – Get answer in less than 24 hours

Make an express credit at Infra bank

Make an express credit at Infra bank

For all your daily projects, Infra bank has developed a platform allowing you to make a micro credit with clear and simplified procedures. A request is made in five minutes via mobile and computer, no paper proof will be requested. Then your loan request is processed in 24 hours and you receive the funds in 48 hours. The reimbursement is made in 3 or 4 months.

A credit of 100 to 600 USD for various projects

A credit of 100 to 600 USD for various projects

If you need money for an amount ranging from 100 to 600 USD and quickly? You can now use Infra bank to anticipate the expenses of your projects on a daily basis. Our approach is simple and quick, the reimbursement process is just as simplified and adapted to your personal situation.

A loan accessible to all

The aim of Infra bank is to offer a micro credit to all and whatever your professional situation: in CDD, CDI, retired, student or freelance. Our credit offers are fully accessible to you. Despite the changes in today’s working world, we have chosen to offer everyone the possibility of being able to succeed in their daily projects with complete peace of mind.

A simplified request

We want to simplify the credit application process as much as possible. No need to travel anywhere, you will just need your smartphone or computer. It takes just five minutes to apply for credit. No paper proof will be asked to send by mail, everything is done 100% online.

A watchword: speed

Infra bank wants to focus on speed to meet your most urgent needs. After sending your file, we will give you an answer within 24 hours. Once your request is accepted, the funds are credited to your bank account just as quickly, that is, within 48 hours. The first repayment date will be 30 days after the start of the loan.

A fast credit adapted to your desires

A fast credit adapted to your desires

Borrow between 100 and 600 USD will allow you to access and finance the goods and services you need. With the Infra bank personal loan, you choose the amount of your loan as well as the repayment period. The first repayment deadline comes 1 month after the start of the loan to allow you a repayment in complete safety and serenity.

  • A funded project

    We only finance projects, that is to say the purchase of goods or services. This represents the purchase of electronic equipment, the repair of a car, the financing of a move, the financing of a trip, the purchase of professional equipment, and many other projects.

  • A small amount

    Infra bank has chosen to offer you a micro-credit offer for an amount ranging from 100 USD to 600 USD so that you can carry out your personal projects serenely and without worrying about the future. Thanks to our simulator, you will have a precise vision of the deadlines to be reimbursed.

  • Clear deadlines

    Regarding reimbursement, we have also opted for simplicity. Depending on the amount you need, you choose to pay in three or four monthly payments depending on your monthly budget. In addition, the first due date comes 1 month after the start of the loan.

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